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A: Should I use ice, heat, or both?

We generally recommend that you AVOID heat and use ice instead. Heat can often do more harm than good, especially for a new or recent injury. Heat does give relief in the short term, but it can often greatly increase swelling around an injury and can make an injury last longer. Ice does the exact opposite. It decreases inflammation and can speed up recovery.

A: How long should I use ice for?

You can use ice up to once an hour if necessary, but at least 3-4 sessions a day would be recommended. Apply for 10-15 minutes at a time or until numbness occurs. Always use a fabric barrier between the ice pack and skin.

A: How often will I need to come to the chiropractor?

Everyone has different healing schedules and different injuries have different protocols. When you first visit we will determine a proper plan that is specific to you. Some patients heal as quickly as 2 weeks and other patients will need 8-10 weeks of care. It fully depends on your age, health, and the severity of your condition.

A: Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we accept most major insurance

A: Do you accept Medicare?

Unfortunately, we are not in network with Medicaid.

A: Do you accept Medicaid?

Yes, if you have a severe medical condition with a clear diagnosis. The Social Security Administration has programs that expedite certain SSDI claims. These include:

A: How much does a visit cost?

The maximum you will pay for a visit would be $45. Our office does not charge an additional fee for x-rays or therapies so even your very first visit will only be $45. Insurance patients will be responsible for their copay which will likely be lower than $45 given that you have met your deductible.

A: Do you have an x-ray machine in your clinic or will I need to go to a separate location for x-rays?

Our office is proud to have the latest technology in x-ray development. Our machine shoots digital x-rays which means your films will be ready in minutes. Digital x-ray programs allow us to greatly enhance and interpret images with the utmost precision.

A: Do you only shoot x-rays of the spine?

We are able to use our machine to shoot any bone in the body. This regularly includes x-rays of the spine, arms, hands, legs, feet, head, and chest. If you are concerned you have a fracture, dislocation, or other trauma related injury call our office at 423-825-5252 immediately. We can help assess the injury and determine if an emergency referral to the ER or orthopedist is necessary.

A: Will I need x-rays?

It depends on the nature of your condition and severity. The doctor determines x-rays are necessary on your first visit. We do not tend to shoot x-rays on patients under 15 years old unless there is a trauma or serious injury suspected.

A: How much do x-rays cost?

We do not charge for x-rays. There is no hidden fee or insurance billing for x-rays. We feel that x-rays should be accessible if they are necessary for care.